Middle Seas Capital Invests in the Construction of New Pharmaceutic Enterprise Near Tbilisi

Middle Seas Capital, Ucha Mamatsashvili’s investment company, has made a yet another investment in Georgia. Geo Organics LLC. begins construction of pharmaceutical enterprise in Zemo Lisi village, near the capital city, Tbilisi. The primary activity of Geo Organics will be the manufacturing of pharmaceutics and cosmetic products. According to the members of the company, the area for the construction of the enterprise satisfies GMP standards as Zemo Lisi village fits the requirements for D category, meaning that it is a clean zone. Additionally, based on the information provided by Mamatsashvili, the enterprise will be equipped with high-tech facilities.

Geo Organics is planning to produce biologically active supplements and cosmetic products.

For a start, Geo Organics will employ ten people, who will be retrained by foreign specialists. However, Mamatsashvili promises that once the company develops, the number of workplaces will drastically increase.