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Which Industry Are Investors Interested in the Most?

Although the annual direct foreign investments in Georgia have but slightly increased, according to the “Sakstat”, the National Statistics Department figures, in IV quarter 2019, YOY the investments doubled to make up 347.0 M USD, which is 102.9% over the same period in 2018. Last year, direct foreign investments in Georgia amounted to 1 267.700 000 USD or 0.2% over YOY in 2018.

According to the official statistics, last year, reinvestment made up 48.3% of the total direct foreign investments in Georgia, which means that the investors returned nearly every next dollar of their profits to the business. Obviously, the statistic is promising for the reinvestment dynamics are as follows:

2015 – 9.1%,

2016 – 18.8%,

2017 – 31.4%,

2018 – 34.6%,

2019 – 48.3%

According to the preliminary 2019 data, the share of the three major investors into the Georgian economy made up 48.7%. The UK tops the list – 19.5%, followed by Turkey – 18.7% and Ireland – 10.5%.

The largest direct foreign investment fell to the financial sector – 261.8 M USD, which makes up 20.6% of the total direct foreign investments. Then follow the energy sector and hospitality industry with 193.3 M USD and 157.5 M USD (respectively). The smallest investments were made in real estate (125%) and transport (65%).