Ucha Mamatsashvili Donates 100 000 GEL to StopCov FUND

The founder of Middle Seas Capital a Georgian investment fund, businessman Ucha Mamatsashvili, has donated 100 000 GEL to StopCov FUND, a fund that the Georgian Government has created for the fight against Coronavirus. As Mamatsashvili has stated, the collaboration of Government and business is now essential as Georgia is undergoing many difficulties due to the spread of COVID-19. “We believe that the business sector must do its best to help the Government get through this global crisis. The Government is doing everything it can in this fight against COVID-19, and we hope that by contributing to StopCov FUND, we can support its fight against a disease which affects everyone. Middle Seas Capital is committed to social responsibility, and if more help is needed, we are always ready to help,“ said Ucha Mamatsashvili.